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Suze Orman

March 20th, 2007 at 08:14 pm

So yesterday I made it to Suze Orman's talk at the Seattle Public Library, and it seemed like I was working on all frugal fronts:

* Picked her free talk at 12:30. If you saw her at Town Hall, you had to pay!
* Sidestepped the books on sale on the right, and dodged the Starbucks coffee and cookie on the left.

I made it to the library at 12:10, so I figured that it would be standing room only. Nope, all the front seats were packed, but I got a back seat and they expanded the room. By the time I left - a little early - it was standing room only. The audience was comprised of about 95% women, and 5% very brave men.

Suze Orman came out on time (much appreciated). 30 min talk, 30 min question and answer. It was also a book signing, so the rules were: she would sign first names only, she will sign multiple copies, she will sign old books of hers, she will not sign body parts, napkins, etc. In case you needed to know: bright lime green blazer, black outfit. Hair and teeth look fantastic - you could see them gleeming all the way up my seat.

Her talk was a bit of a ramble. She was quite happy we all came - it was raining puppies and kittens and there were going to be not one, but two anti-war demonstrations that afternoon - gave a little history of herself, why she wrote her current book. She thought that men could get something out of her book... "men, if you want to read this book, all you have to do is.." She covered the WO on the cover with her fingers. If you heard her on PBS, you've got the general gist.

Except for one thing - she announced both the secret codes in her book and she invited the book buyers to share them with friends and family. The TD Ameritrade deal holds for everybody, book buyer or not.

5 Responses to “Suze Orman”

  1. scfr Says:

    Thanks for the info! I was planning to go to Lake Forest Park tonight but a combination of work and weather issues caused me to cancel and I was feeling quite sorry for myself. Since I did catch her new show on PBS it does not sound like I missed too much, tho' it would have been great to see her in person ...

  2. rduell Says:

    How nice to be able to see her in person! I haven't had an opportunity to see her PBS show, but am hoping they will run it long enough for me to find it!

  3. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Lucky you to have seen her in person! I missed the LFP appearance owing to work concerns. Colour me ignorant: what's the deal with the "brave men?" Was there similar fluffchatter about the "why no 'Rich Mom, Poor Mom'" when Kiyosaki published his book?

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    I looked online and the code seemed to be 701 for the TD Ameritrade deal. Did you get a different code? I'd like to do the deal just to get the $100...seems easy enough really. Have to talk to DH...we keep everything combined and have our own roths that we contribute equal amounts to. Glad you were able to see her for free.

  5. baselle Says:

    rduell - if you do Netflix or the library, might want to check in 6 months - 1 yrs time. It'll probably be out on DVD if you missed it on PBS.

    Paulette - yes, there is a bit of fluffchatter about why are you writing only to women, she mentioned that sexism is rampant on TV, and there's the joke that statistically, you will outlive your husband. "Ladies, I think we kill them." was her punch line. She was very forceful in the Q and A that each person in the couple should have at least a little money in a separate account, away from the joint account.

    creditcardfree - yes, 701 is the code. Also on page 59, the code is EIEIO. Check for a hidden fee on the TD Ameritrade account (TD Waterhouse was infamous for them), but as written, $50 x 12 = $600 + about $12 interest +$100, which means about an 18% return at the end of the year. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

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