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week 1

March 30th, 2013 at 09:38 pm

I'm in the midst of kitchen remodel-o-rama. They started Monday. So from this, as I left it on Sunday:

And what it is as of this morning, stove side:

... and sink side:

How am I holding up? The contractors left me the refrigerator, now at the far end of the dining room, and along the side of my bedroom, my Japanese, camping kitchen:

As long as I store and have bag salad and hot drinks for a few weeks I won't have to resort to carryout. I've figured it will be about 5 wks, but frankly, it will end when it ends. I've also picked up paper bowls so I would only have to wipe out and clean 1-2 implements in the bathroom sink. Kitty is locked into the bedroom during the day - when I get home I cruise the kitchen to make sure there isn't any open liquids, sharp things.

So far, the contractors have been good citizens to everybody in the condo and other owners are now looking with interest how this remodel will turn out. Have not gotten a bill yet for the week, but I expect one soon.

dang busy

March 23rd, 2013 at 10:54 pm

Been nearly a month already since I last wrote something. Hopefully, though, it will ease up. It has to eventually.

Lately I've been hip deep in making decisions about my upcoming kitchen remodel - the sink and faucet, the countertop, the cabinets, the flooring, the lighting, the appliances. I sure hope that all of my decisions will play nice with each other, and the new kitchen will play nice with the dining room. I've also notified (and renotified) my condo neighbors and the condo board. The tentative start date is this Monday - I've learned that it really always be a bit tentative because the contractor wants to absolutely, positively make sure that the materials will get here with no delays before they start ripping up things to shreds.

Right now this is the last weekend of the old. I'm treating it as a calm before the storm. Tonight I take down pictures, pull out everything from cabinets. I have enough empty space so that the new refrigerator gets put into the living room. Saves me more decisions about where to put my freezer stuff - and it will be nice to be able store a bag of salad whilst the teardown begins. I've put the kitty food bowls in my bedroom and my fur girl is quite confused. I'm trying to tell her that THINGS will be different in the next few weeks.

The welcome packet project is done. Someone did buy a unit in the last week or two - I'll be a knocking at their door to welcome them, packet in hand.

Just finished my taxes, and yes I pay some. The price of good investing - I've made a bit of coin in these last couple of years, and I had to figure out cost-basis this year.

And of course an update on the death bet 2013 - about 1/2 the players got Hugo Chavez. Don't weep for the other half - they are playing Lindsay Lohan! Wink One player got a local celebrity - Booth Gardner, the former governor of Washington.