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Net worth, first half 2008

June 30th, 2008 at 10:36 pm

Net worth 2008

Grandmother's inheritance has been dispersed (dad's was in December 2007), which is why the net worth jumped radically again. Since I am now the oldest direct descendant, no more big inheritances now and forever.

I've pruned a number of accounts - I've put all but 10$ from Paypal into ING, I've shifted some money from one bank to another to keep under the $100K FDIC limit, and put all but .80 of grandma's Ameriprise money into Vanguard. I expected to shelter most of the Vanguard money into tax-free or tax deferred accounts. Now with grandma's gift total and the ability to shelter at 15K/yr for 403B and 5K/yr for a Roth, it won't happen. I have to be okay with that.

Snapshot of net worth, first half of 2008

$136,780 IRA/403(B)
$197,000 Vanguard taxable (cash that will be put into equities...eventually)
$17,322 stock (5 DRPs)
$27,762 EE bonds, I bonds, T bills
$125,464 CDs
$18,999 ING, PayPal savings
$934 immediate cash in checking/savings
$524,261 grand total

By comparison:
June 2008 ($524,261 total, $387,481 in taxable accounts)
Dec 2007 ($328,688 total, $192,747)
June 2007 ($176,422 total, $48,205)
Dec 2006 ($132,062 total, $40,329)
June 2006 ($120,261 total, $65,148)
Dec 2005 ($67,778 total, $23,740)
June 2005 ($46,115 total, $11,293)
Dec 2004 ($38,338 total, $7,558)
June 2004 ($29,050 total, $4,533)

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