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"answers" decidedly dark

June 25th, 2009 at 08:05 pm

Apologies that this is so very far off the topic of personal finance.

I called and got a hold of my contact at the Seattle Police Dept. This is the situation that he told me, verbally (no police report):

Sometime early Sunday morning (before 4 am), a private citizen saw 2 males standing by the cardboard box resting by our mailbox (we are one of 4 mailboxes in a row). The citizen shouted, "what are you doing?" The 2 males ran off. The citizen opened the cardboard box, saw dead little Morgan, and called the police. The patrol officer came at 4:15am and wrote up the incident report.

So I feel certain that Morgan's killer is in our neighborhood, and knows that Morgan was owned by either us, the upstairs neighbor (we are a duplex), or the next door neighbor (also a duplex).

I don't whether Morgan's killer is one or both of the two males, the private citizen, the person who set Morgan in the cardboard box, or none of the above.

We still have the cardboard box. The irony is not lost on me that said cardboard box has a shipping address of Lifeway Christian Store with a tracking number (!) dated from Feb 2009 and has "Kings Elementary" (private Christian elementary school) handwritten on one of the flaps, while Morgan is an entirely black cat (8 white hairs at the throat), and we have a license plate that begins with "666".

North Seattle is not anywhere close to the Bible Belt, its not even a Bible headband or a bible ankle bracelet. At least I thought that. We are left with a box and the thought of a killer-nutball or a killer-scumbag in our neighborhood. DH and I are debating about calling the SPD back either right now (me) or wait because we assume that the investigation is on-going. My SPD contact has my number, and they know we owned Morgan.

In the meantime, anybody have the ability to trace a tracking number back to an order?

12 Responses to “"answers" decidedly dark”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    My only guess is to call the company, but it's probably a privacy matter. I to say how sorry and baffled I am. What kind of sickos abound?!

  2. baselle Says:

    DH is pursuing that - he is learning to be equally gratefully sneaky. He found that the company had moved from its address on the box to an address in our neighborhood. He talked to the person who worked there that "he wanted to thank the person who collected our kitty from its accident."

  3. Nika Says:

    OMG! this is absolutely horrific. I am so sorry for your poor cat.

    I can't imagine how you must feel. I feel rage just reading it and it is not even my cat. Killing a helpless animal for fun is just beyond my understanding. I really really hope they find out who did it. Their friends, family and neighbors need to know about it because I believe people who enjoy killing or torturing animals are very likely end up doing bad things other people as well. It is just not a normal human reaction - normal people are very uncomfortable seeing other people and animals in pain. There is something deeply wrong with those who lack that basic empathy. Frown

    Sorry again, I just read your previous posts. Are there any reason to believe that the animal was killed and didn't just die suddenly from some natural cause, like a stroke?

  4. toyguy1963 Says:

    I can't be of much help but i'm truely so sorry about Morgan.
    I hope they can find the guilty people and that they get punished.

  5. GrimJack Says:

    She was such a young kitty - I have looked back over the pictures you have posted of her and it brings tears. You should build a slide show as a keepsake.

    I know your pain and I am so sorry.

  6. baselle Says:

    Nika - it could have been sudden from a natural cause. However, she was only 1 yr old, well but not overfed, had her shots, got checked out by the vet 6 mo ago (no underlying issues), was spayed, had a very shiny soft coat, and was her bright, lively, curious self the night before, so a natural cause was possible, but seems unlikely. My first thought was a fast accidental poison, and that still might be the case. She was in a sleeping position and the death did not look violent. A snapped neck is another possibility.

    I saw her last around 9 pm Saturday. If she died before 4 am Sunday, the event window is rapidly shrinking.

  7. whitestripe Says:

    if i were you i would consider putting a sign up asking for information. people might have seen something. i would just want to know what happened to my poor cat, and if it was intentional then i would want to see them punished as well!

  8. creditcardfree Says:

    Ugh...not good news.

    A tracking number with which mailing service? Can you look on the appropriate website? Such as ups, or fedex.

    My thoughts are with you.

  9. simpleyme Says:

    if your kitty looked undamaged it is possible that someone hit her with a car and put her in a box rather than leaving her in the road? and the boys may have been checking out a dead cat in a box?

    i once hit my neighbors cat with my car it was horrible i heard a thump the cat ran off (I did not recognize it) the next day my neighbor said his cat was "acting funny" when I said o god I think it must have been your cat I hit,the cat showed no signs of damage but died the next day ,it was so horrible ;-(
    sorry about you cat ;-(

  10. SB Says:

    Oh, how horrible! I'm so sorry. At the same time, I also wonder whether it's quite possible that Morgan did NOT meet a violent end. I'm not entirely surprised that the two young boys ran off--perhaps they thought they'd be blamed. Usually people who kill animals for cruel reasons make the death as horrible as possible--the fact that Morgan was found in such a pristine state makes me think that perhaps this wasn't the case.

    I'm wondering about the possibility of poison, myself. I know my dog Lefty is CONSTANTLY eating things off the ground (I try to stop him, but he's so quick, and there's always so much damn trash, etc. on the ground), and sometimes he's gotten fairly sick from it. Frankly, I'm pretty certain that's what's going to take him out one day.

    Still, there's no comfort when one loses a pet. I'm so very sorry.

  11. frugaltexan75 Says:


    The whole black cat/666/Christian thing would make more sense closer to Halloween --- so that really baffles me. I think the above ideas of possibly an accidental poisoning or perhaps internal injuries from being hit by a car make the most sense.

    No matter how it happened, the loss is still tremendous. Morgan was very lucky to have you and your DH in her life - to have a happy and warm home.

  12. lartiga Says:

    I am angry and disgusted at the possibility that an evil person (future serial killer?) murdered Morgan. I really want to believe Morgan died accidentally. When we lived in the country, I lost several cats to speeding cars and the pain I felt was great... I cannot even fathom losing one through a malicious act. Please stay strong, baselle. Morgan was a sweetheart and although her life was brief, it was rich and special because of you.

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