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spring cleaning

April 24th, 2011 at 07:52 pm

Even if we do nothing else this spring, it has been a successful spring cleaning. Saturday we managed to remember that a non-profit was collecting computers and computer detris. DH parted with his beloved Amiga ... finally. We also got rid of one old monitor that I had to pull from the furthest corner of the storage area (ugh), two old desktop computer boxes - one we kept for a friend for 8 years (!), one dead laptop, cables, motherboards, keyboards, my broken digital camera, my beloved old MP3 player that died last year, and another ancient MP3 player. DH packed the car trunk and the back seat.

Very cleansing, we had at least 15 years worth of stuff. We heard about the pickup from our neighborhood microblogs, so this was one of many cases that the neighborhood blog saved us a bit of money and time.

We've got rid of the hardware. Now I wonder how we are going to get rid of the software and discs. Probably the ignoble route - shred the discs, break down the cardboard, and recycle any paper or cardboard by the usual route.

Finally "got off the pot" as it were with grandma's inheritance that I've kept in Vanguard. I've put about 5% of it in a high-yield dividend fund. I've asked to get the quarterly dividends so I can plow them into my DRP portfolio.

2 Responses to “spring cleaning”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    I took a 13" tv/vcr combo over to the earth day recycling thing on Friday. It was wonderful t get rid of it. I have wanted to for two years now and this was free!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Just as a tip to anyone reading this - Best Buy will take almost anything. Just limit to two items a day, or something like that. Is my go-to place for old electronics. It's nice because that is available any time - so whenever the declutter mood hits us...

    I think we even dropped off our old/broken vacuum cleaner. Car stereos, old casette player, vhs players, etc.

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