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3 days of 555

May 3rd, 2012 at 09:24 pm

From my notes:

May 1 - drank about 3/4 l of water, so close; got 8 hrs of sleep but I woke in the middle with a night sweat; ate 4 colors - avocado green, lettuce green, carrot orange, white and red of radishes. I didn't count tan meat and that I finished up birthday cake whose frosting was a dubious color. Didn't do an extra workout and didn't learn any new exercises - that will be the case most days.

May 2 - drank 1 liter water, got 7 1/2 hrs of sleep, ate 3 colors - avocado green, bright yellow rutabaga, several red grape tomatoes

May 3 - only drank about 1/2 liter water, but the night is still semi-young. Smile. Will try to get to bed in about an hour, ate 4 colors -avocado, broccoli, red pepper, olive green.

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