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555 reckoning

May 30th, 2012 at 08:50 pm

The reckoning of 5-5-5.

1 liter of water most days: eh. About half of the days I did, including coffee, soup, tea, water, big salads. The other half, not really.

8 hr sleep most days: yes. I've been going to bed at about 10:45 and if I don't have much sugar that day the hot flash isn't bad enough for me to wake up.

Eat at least 5 colors every day: qualified yes. At least one meal is a salad with usually three colors, along with the daily avocado and either tan, pink, yellow/white for the protein that makes 5. There has been a day or two where its been white and tan. Today I had a slice of cake at a party...I can not count bright blue or pink as colors.

5 new exercises: nope. 2 at most.

5 times where I've exercised without the trainer: nope. Just 2. I have integrating a noon walk after eating at my desk.

All told, though, I'm back down to 164.4. I was up as "high" as 168.

1 Responses to “555 reckoning”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Nice work! Sounds like you got something positive out of the experience!

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