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a day not even worth a journal title

September 10th, 2005 at 03:47 am

Ate at the New Orleans Restaurant at lunch. They were collecting donations for their namesake, to be donated to the Red Cross. Dropped $5 in their jar. It might go to New Orleans. It might go to the next disaster which will unfortunately occur. We're never far away from suffering.

Online, I changed the mid-month transfer of money from $450 to $250 so I can hike up my credit card payment. I found out that Looney Tunes volume 3 is coming out in late October. Its only 45$, but be strong, defer gratification. Wait, at least get a month of no debt before I ride on that horse again.

Got taken out for a $3 chai in the afternoon.

It'll be interesting on Monday. Seattle is revamping the bus tunnel to accomodate light rail, driving all the buses up on 3rd Avenue, one of the main streets downtown. Cars allowed only for a couple of blocks. They're doing the reroute in a couple of weeks, but to show every commuter they mean business, they are doing the reroute early. No cars on 3rd Ave starting Monday. Being a bus commuter and pedestrian, I like it.

Spending log - 1.65 coffee + 9.00 lunch + 5.00 charity + 8.00 takeout
Saving log - 1.00 tip box

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