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September 12th, 2005 at 03:48 am

Well, we all have our triggers - places where we lose it and can't bring our credit card. For me, its the office supply store. Something about pens and paper and binders and 1Gb flash drives. For these places I have the ten minute plan - get in, buy my thing, and get out.

I went in to Staples with DH to get PDA screen protectors. My PDA is a Handspring Visor Neo, so I had to make a best guess. Ten minutes later, I caught up with DH who was still looking, which meant I was screwed. Smile I wandered the aisles in a weak state. Cute leopard print pencil cases? Lovely. iPod shuffles and cases? 1 Gb flashdrives for 89$? I grit my teeth. Notebooks? I have two at home that I have *not* written anything in. Stop.

I did pick up a file tote with a cover and the handle. This afternoon I put all my financial papers in it, so it was organized and when the big one hits Seattle, I can tote it away from the hot water heater. Smile. Seriously, it can go in the car, but with an earthquake that's not predictable, where are you're going to drive to?

Spending log - $1.75 coffee + $5 breakfast + $33 groceries + $37 office supply store + $3 bubble tea.

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