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Lots of little failures

September 18th, 2005 at 02:26 am

I heard the mental sound of a buzzer several times in the last two days.

So much for my project of stretching out the time between ATM visits. DH and I went to Hakka* chinese last night. DH hasn't done this in awhile, but he used to have one annoying, frugal-busting habit. At the end of a meal, he would announce, "I'm a little short this week. Can you help a little more?" I thought I weaned him of it by saying in a couple of different situations ..."Funny, so am I. All I can afford is mine." I was surprised, so I flipped him a twenty. And that meant 2 days between ATM visits, not 4. And another round of weaning. Smile

I was going to ask DH for a bit of payback for the sewer/water/gas which was $105. If he shows the annoying habit at dinner, he's gonna whine about this. I held my tongue; I'll extract the guilt tax on him later on.

Weather turned cool, so the grocery bill went up. I'm cooking a pot roast bought from grocery 1 as I type, which should last us most of the week. Grocery 2 had a wicker sale - some storage baskets of the type I was looking for were 50% off. A saving failure but a spending success.

The bank transferred $450 out into my savings account this month, which was normal from the last year, but I thought I changed this online to $250. A couple days of confusion as I transfer it back to checking.

A weekend of sighs, I guess.

September 16
Spending log - $1.65 coffee + $5.00 lunch + $105.82 utility bill + $350.00 credit card + $20.00 dinner
Saving log - $3.00 tip box

September 17
Spending log - $1.80 coffee + $102.68 grocery1 ($40 of this was ATM) + $37.34 grocery2
Saving log - $250 (at least that was my intention)

*Hakka, according to the owners, is northern chinese and roughly translates into "soul food". Lots of frugal dishes made with preserved foods; I had the spicy beef and sour cabbage - delicious, but my palate got confused. Was it chinese or german?

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