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A mom named Robert

September 20th, 2005 at 04:45 am

Tonight I got the waiver and consent from sister's lawyer, who is going to assist the executor (the bank). We're starting with the paperwork by entering the will for informal probate, and by signing our consent allowing the bank to become the executor. Wheels are grinding slowly and infinitely fine. The first casuality: they've shaved off an "a" from my mom's first name. I expect my lawyer friend, a gay man, to enjoy the joke.

My bank transferred back the 200$.

This week the Seattle police are cracking the whip to get cars off of Third avenue during the 3 hour afternoon rush hour. Big "do not enter" signs. Cars are being turned off at every intersection on Third by four officers, two cars, and large flashing signs. Its kinda cool actually. No exhaust, no honking, no stereo bass.

September 18
Spending log - 10.00 coffee/brunch + 3.00 bubble tea

September 19
Spending log - 1.65 coffee + 7.00 lunch + 3.00 afternoon juice
Saving log - 5.00 tip box

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