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X-mas in September

September 22nd, 2005 at 05:03 am

We sat together, my lawyer friend and I, as he looked at the papers. The consent is that I agree that the bank is to be the executor, am satisfied with the will and am not going to contest it. By signing it, I help send this into informal probate, which as sister's lawyer explained, consists mostly of signing stuff. My lawyer friend added that since everyone gets paid after the estate is settled everyone has a stake in getting things moving.

Yesterday I cheaped out on lunch in order to at least make my ATM withdrawl last 3 days instead of two again.

One of my DRPs is 3M. In the mail today, I got a shareholder offer for a Christmas pack of products for $9.75. There were a couple of things I wanted to try (shoeshine wipes sound interesting in a weird 3M-y sort of way), so for giggles and grins I bought a box.

Sept 20
Spending log - 1.65 coffee + 5.00 lunch
Saving log - 3.00 tip box

Sept 21
Spending log - 1.65 coffee + 8.00 lunch + 9.75 christmas box
Saving log - 40 3M DRP

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