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The very definition of optimism

September 26th, 2005 at 03:30 am

Found a deal on the cat food cat likes - .50/can - so I stocked up. I have an 18 yr old cat so if he eats it and its a treat, who's it gonna harm? Of course stocking up for an 18 yr old cat is the very definition of optimism.

Found a good deal on bubble bath Saturday. I'll save the shampoo trick for later. I had been eyeing a stainless steel olive oil dispenser for a year now. My old one is soldered at the bottom and after years of use, it leaks and produces a ring of olive oil whenever I use it. I love my old dispenser, though. Its got a cool Italian lithograph on it.

Because I'm too frugal for cable, Smile, but like The Sopranos, I made the trek to Blockbuster. To be honest, I hate the new no late fees policy. No one brings DVDs back. Here it is, 4 months from when season 5 first came out and no vol 3. And the library's worse. Oh well...eventually.

Sept 24
Spending log - 7.86 coffee and breakfast + 46.72 grocery store (includes bubble bath and that olive oil dispenser)

Sept 25
Spending log - 7.00 coffee and breakfast + 7.62 canned cat food

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