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January 7th, 2006 at 05:09 am

Ah...I have Monday and Tuesday off. Even though I was bugged a bit by co workers coming in and gossiping, I managed to get quite a bit done - everything done that I really wanted to get done, and that makes a four day weekend even sweeter. Think I will book my free hotel room this weekend. I'll have next Tuesday off too.

Broke down and actually got a chain-grocery store card - not Safeway. The grocery chain is going nameless - I only buy canned cat food there. When the card price for it was 20% lower, I broke down and got it. My dearest wish is that the data miner looking at all my canned cat food purchases will say, "remind me not to have pate and crackers at her house." Smile

Curry place is back from vacation. Ah, lunch joy.

My trainer, stuck in traffic, was forty-five minutes late. He got a hold of me at the I ran through a warmup, ran through ab crunches, some weights, some exercises and stretches. He told me that he was very proud of me - I didn't play hooky. Came clean with him about the elliptical machine - he told me that we'll have to work on breathing and figure what level I should be starting from.

Saving log: Tip jar - 5$.
Spending log: lunch - 5$ (coffee card is still holding out, yay!).

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