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Gym class = $, maybe

January 17th, 2006 at 03:58 am

Three new ING accounts! Thanks, Jeffrey!

Today is a vacation day, and so is tomorrow for me. Today was also a gym day for me and so will be tomorrow. Its just like high school, all the fun stuff and then there's gym. Although these days I'm feeling a lot better about going to gym, getting into the swing of it.

But to keep this an actual financial diary I've got to mention that I signed up for a fitness challenge. Fitness, thankfully, won't be determined by the number of pushups (hah hah), but by decrease in weight and inches around various places and body fat content between the dates of Feb 9 and April 1. Winner gets $1000. It would be great if I win but if I lose, I still lose, so I'd still win. Smile

After gym, I went to a Tully's and had a green tea and half a tuna sandwich, all while watching Jim Cramer's Mad Money and the Suze Orman show. Both are a whole different experience when they're mute and closed captioned. The advice is relatively good when you can disassociate it from the chair throwing (Cramer) and strange hectoring (Orman). When you think about it, they are both saying the same thing - make the psychology of money work for you, not against you.

And with that I came to a revelation. Several commenters noticed that I had a credit card balance with a fair amount of savings. All of that credit card debt comes from the personal trainer. I could pay it off in a matter of days but I'm not because if I did, the debt is behind me and I will blow off the gym. This way, as long as my debt is at the back of my mind I will say "dammit, I'm paying for this!" and go. My psychology of money is working in tandem with my weight loss/get fit plan.

Know thyself.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have referrals for my ing accounts and would love to earn a little extra on the side too.

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