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Dad's Estate

January 18th, 2006 at 07:48 am

I got a US Bank list of assets and distributions of dad's estate, and the assets of mom's estate. The first piece of property has been sold and the money is now in the money market accounts, while the second piece is still listed as miscellaneous and has not been sold. Total (assets - distributions) about 650K.

I have to say that the bank was very thorough - they even got a refund of the leftovers of an AARP subscription as an asset (19$), and have paid off all of dad's medical bills, utility bills, insurance premiums, probate office payment, bank executor cut. Gotta tell you that if I had been the executor, I would be bald with all the hairs that I would have torn out of my head.

So far, no listing on any of mom's medical bills, nor sister's lawyer's cut. Creditors have 4 months to speak up and get paid. From the looks of it, most of them from the farm/dad's side have been paid off. I wonder how much time is left. And the lawyer will charge his slice. I think sister will be surprised as to the size of his cut, compared to the executor's cut.

I'll have to ask sister and/or the executor where things stand.

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