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Won the halftime

January 24th, 2006 at 04:04 am

In the football pool Sunday. 30$! You could win the first quarter for 10$, the halftime 30$, the third quarter 10$, and the game 50$. I'll tell you my technique. In the last football pool, one person won three out of four of the quarters - I considered her the luck magnet. If there was an empty spot in the grid next to her name, I took it. Smile That's all the skill I have in gambling.

I'll have to contact our landlord; the sewer/water bill is late. I feel silly sometimes asking for my bills. Cripes, don't they need the money?

Had a Szechuan lunch with my lawyer friend/co worker. He's in the midst of his own battle with our HR department. He calculated the 403 B match one way, HR another, for a difference of $600.

I asked sister for info about the US Bank asset/creditor list. What is it? Are we at the end?

Savings log - 4$ tip box + 30$ gambling winnings
Spending log - 1.75$ coffee + 13$ lunch

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  1. jeffrey Says:

    Congrats on the $30 win!

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