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A co worker got fired

January 25th, 2006 at 05:38 am

A little weird today. One of the data entry staff got fired today and was escorted out of the building. He apparently threatened another of the data entry staff (via blog, deep irony) and that was that.

At one point I had thought that I might reveal to my lawyer friend (also co worker) that I had this blog (who has a blog), but you know that this journal is strangely intimate because its so detached. As soon as anyone at work knows, I'll be holding my thoughts, fearing comments and this journal will lose a lot.

Of course, I can have a little bit of fun. If anyone really wants to know what my lawyer friend looks like:

Text is and Link is

He's the one holding the filthy underwear in the first picture from 1/20/2006.

Got the sewer/water bill.

Sister figures that if the medical creditors don't show by the beginning of February, the four months will have passed. Worked out at the gym today with the new personal trainer - she's funny and I think we will get along well. She does more stretches, which I think are very useful.

The spinal adjustments have been working pretty well too. I've never done a decent squat for a couple of months; I've always pulled from the left, my right knee had always buckled and my right foot turns out. Today - perfect squats, Straight up, straight down.

2 Responses to “A co worker got fired”

  1. PrincessPerky Says:

    I know a guy who got fired over his blog too, funny that something so public online for anyone to see is also sortof private! I always watch what I say about family, or try to, in fear they will come here.

  2. SMB Says:

    I've updated my settings because I began to get concerned about privacy, family matters, etc. No one I know through work knows about my blog either.

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