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another rainy sunday

January 30th, 2006 at 03:10 am

Nice lazy, very rainy Sunday. Greens are on the stove.

Went to a small independent produce stand near home. Treasure trove of ethnic styles - part Russian, part Asian, part Hispanic. If you have a hankering for Russian branded cookies and very cheap produce here's your place. - .39/lb for cabbage, .29/lb for onions. Got the greens for .99/ bunch while other grocery stores are running about 1.99 - 2.49 bunch - yikes. I had lost the habit of going there over the summer because you really have to dig for decent produce, and I got lazy. Hit another grocery store on the way and got the wet cat food.

Mailed the checks for two DRPs. In this case, I know that neither transfer agent will get the check before Tuesday payday. Since I'm going to copay the chiropractor tomorrow, I withdrew a bit from ING. My saving's going backwards just when the ING deal demands new savings. Sigh.

Found an interesting author - Martin Limon, Jade Lady Burning. It's a police procedural set in 1970's Korea, with crimes solved by 2 GIs.

Worked out on Saturday and discovered what I'm sure is the most frugal piece of workout equipment ever: stretch cord. A big rubber band with handles. We did French presses - that rubber band whopped my triceps and nearly whopped my butt.

Tonight I do my taxes and I await Tuesday payday.

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