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Football pool part 2

February 4th, 2006 at 05:21 am

Got a copy of the filled out pool. I got some good numbers. Now everyone at work is looking at me as the luck magnet. Smile

One of our temporary auditors was maintaining two bank accounts in two different states. She was perfect for flipping her to thinking about an Internet linked account, esp after hearing about ING's new money program and the fact that she can send invites after she gets set up... she's even thinking about sticking her refund in there, so I sent her my last ING invite. I'm gambling that its really not my last one - the other co worker I sent an invite to a month ago still hasn't signed up.

DH is in the process of cleaning the house. We're having some friends over on Sunday for TV, yaking, and ads. We're expecting a windstorm this weekend, though, and the friends are coming in from about 40 miles away. They might be here for dinner and breakfast.

Got up very stiff and sore today, so I just walked, ate one lunch of General Tso's chicken, left a good tip. I'll work out tomorrow so I can chow down on chips and salsa guilt free.

Saving log - 0$
Spending log - $1.75 coffee + $7.00

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