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Electric bill

February 16th, 2006 at 05:28 am

Called in sick yesterday, so the work piled up today. Did manage to get a couple of things done but I also managed to say, "I am swamped, go away...."

Walked home - it took 19 minutes. I panted on the hill, but I stopped only because I would run into a nut-ball car.

Best Buy will be coming through with the rebate in a couple of weeks; the paycheck arrived. Unfortunately, the electric bill came in too and it was 40$ higher than it was last year. Last year was freakishly warm and sunny; but no matter, time to twist DH's arm and have him chip in a bit.

Spending log - 500$ credit card + 183.56$ electric bill + 5$ lunch + 1.75$ coffee
Saving log - 40$ DRP

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