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February 21st, 2006 at 01:43 am

We have President's Day off, so I'm now listening to the sweet whirring sound of the washer working. We got the 20$ part today (thx United Parcel Service!), and DH installed it. The inside of the washing machine was interesting - the white box pulled away from the base like a very large computer box leaving the drum, the agitator, and the circuitry in the back. We apparently have a piece that was put in but has no dial and was sealed in. DH tells me its because we got the bare bones washer. "We get an another dial every 50$."

Took a fast 20 minute walk to deposit my BB refund into savings. DH sent me his bucks via PayPal.

Missed grocery shopping yesterday so I caught up with it today. No really fabulous buys; I bought a can of cream of chicken soup (the midwestern cooking genes are expressing themselves), bread, milk, and spinach. My downfall was bath salts. When its cold and flu-ey, I want the bath salts. But at $2.99/bath salt envelope, I might have to go 12-step on the bath salts.

Yesterday saw _Tristam Shandy_ at the matinee. Very, very dry, adult and funny. Matinee was 6$. I'm turning into a coot as I write that I remember when we thought 6$ was highway robbery for a regular Saturday night movie.

Spending log - 89$ groceries (49$ groceries/ 40$ money for next week).
Saving log - 20$ BBuy rebate + 40$ from DH

3 Responses to “washer”

  1. cercis Says:

    Have you tried making your own bath salts? A little epsom salt, some kosher &/or rock salt and scent. You can also add some dried milk and pulverized rolled oats (put 'em in your blender or food processor).

    The scents, though, can get expensive. You can stick with vanilla or cinnamon and use what you have in the kitchen.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I can remember when it cost 9 cents to get into amovie.

  3. baselle Says:

    I'll have to try making those bath salts!

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