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The four E-s

April 9th, 2006 at 05:11 am

It has to be a mantra: Routine is my friend, routine is my friend. Just got done reading flash's journal of her week. Honestly, I know I would have taken (and have taken) the shortcuts that flash's DH did. It's frankly exhausting to keep track of your money and to make the proper financial decision every time.

I've found what works with me is that I have to eliminate the four E's of overspending. I miss one, and I spend.

Emergency: so important that most of us have a fund named for it. Smile Some emergencies are real (life and limb) and can't be helped, but there are many emergencies that are fake. Save your money for the real ones.

Embarrassment: It keeps grown men from buying just a box of tampons, grown women from negotiating properly for a car or even for a raise, and it keeps all of us from thinking - why should I spend money on this? - or from asking questions - or from thinking - no, I will not buy this - or thinking that everybody has more money than me, so why bother!

Emotion: If you're happy, you want to spend money to celebrate; if you're sad, you want to spend money to console yourself; if you are stressed, you want to spend money to get out of the situation. Turns out that functional psychopaths

Text is and Link is make the best financial decisions. The amazing fact for most of us is that we can save the money that we do, despite our emotions.

Easy: easy monthly payments on a house or a car or a credit card which will keep you from seeing the total of what you are spending; easy to buy rather than insult the sales person (or embarrass yourself); easy to burn gas waiting for an upfront parking space.

Boring is beautiful, baby!

2 Responses to “The four E-s”

  1. lrjohnson Says:

    To the E's I say E-nough!

    The E's seem applicable to food Food too. Emergency: Must get from soccer practice to piano recital, no food, have to do drive though. Embarassment: I can't admit I don't cook, or deal with messing up a batch of bulgur, or admit I overeat. Emotion: I'm so happy/sad, I am going to treat/comfort myself to french fries. Easy: drive though or cheese sandwich is easier than cooking or learning a new recipe. The E's may be applicable to other trouble areas: Job, Child rearing, Romance, etc.

    Thanks for the insight, I am grateful.

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    The four e's is spot on!

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