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tell us, but don't tell us

April 19th, 2006 at 04:53 am

Mail call yesterday - the totals on the retirement and the 403B accounts for Q1 2006 came. Still looked like I was only 80% vested. One of my co workers, who was fully vested two years ago, had the same ratio. The fact that he saw the same thing...well, I felt better. Not that I'm not vested, but its not like I've read the HR manual closely. Who knows? Maybe I only get my vested bucks if I did all my tasks standing on one leg.

I suggested to him sending an innocent email to HR.

He must have done it because about 30 minutes later all the staff got a yea-yea-we-know-about-it email from the VP of HR. Gee, the problem has only been happening for a couple of months. We were promised that it would get fixed by the vendor in a couple of weeks.

It could be worse, though. At least it was a mistake and not the fee.

1 Responses to “tell us, but don't tell us”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Hey it is your money. Good catch. It is always good to ask. Hopefully things get fixed soon.

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