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Greenwood Garage Sale

April 23rd, 2006 at 05:32 am

I had no Saturday gym appointment with the trainer and it was the second Saturday without a car, so it was DH and I entertaining ourselves on foot. After a little grocery shopping of all light items, our plan was to walk to the library and back.

Just at the other end of our block lay the first yard sale of the day. It turns out that our general neighborhood - Greenwood, in North Seattle - was holding a gigantic garage sale extravaganza, with over 100 garage sales spread out over 30 square blocks.

I'm of two minds with a yard sale. I love a great deal as much as the next frugal woman, but if you can't put it to use immediately it doesn't matter if its $1 or $1,000,000, it feeds an underlying shopping addiction. Its a bit like commending an alcoholic on their frugality if they get drunk on MD20/20 rather than the finest wine.

Anyway, I must have had a taste for the shopping equivalent of MD20/20; we hit four sales getting to the library and we had a fine time pawing through other people's stuff. I bought 2 CDs for a 1$ apiece which I've ripped to put on my MP3 player, and a Patrick O'Brian novel for .50.

But that was it - I could have bought a jigsaw, a multitude of baskets, purses, and shoes, Thucydides' Pelopenesian War, brownies for sustenance, a woven pillow, a needlepoint pillow, about a thousand VCRs, three stools - bar or step. In other words, junk I didn't need.

The visit to the library and back again for a free mocha (my 10th drink on a card) rounded out the day.

Spending log - 33$ groceries (a month's worth of breakfast bars) + 2.50$ yard sale spending + 1.50$ bagel with the mocha.

3 Responses to “Greenwood Garage Sale”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Way to control the yard sale bug! Sounds like a great thrifty day!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    You make an excellent point...if you can't put it to is not a deal no matter the cost.

    Your day sounded wonderful inspite of the missing car. Way to rise above the frustration!!

    Hope today is just as nice for you!

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Walking is healthy. Browsing at a garage sale can be a lot of fun. Buying only the items you did shows remarkable self discipline. Way to go. I used to buy scads of useless stuff because it was a bargain. You have the right idea of not buying if you can't use it.

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