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15,000 more

April 27th, 2006 at 06:44 am

Sister asked for another $15,000 advance; sister's partner's brother (call him brother in law - BIL) is asking her to loan him a bit so he can fix up and help sell BIL's mother's house. Hmmm. Not something I'd do.

To even things up, the executors will be giving me $15,000 also. Now I have to figure out what to do with the second advance.

So many of us save and save and save to get out of debt, and as we do it we dream about what to do with [insert windfall here]. I'm sure right now you're thinking - boo hoo, I sure wish I had your $15,000 "problem". Strange, really, that it's way, way more fun to save small amounts of money and watch as those 1$s and 5$s and pocket change grow and collect interest, than it is to get a fat whopping check.

Suddenly that fat whopping check makes you second guess all your money moves. Am I that stupid to put it ... there? Not to mention that because someone died you got this. And then the fat whopping check has the nerve to make all your saving look puny.

Savings log - 3$ tip box.

4 Responses to “15,000 more”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Both you and sis need to be cautious with 'loan' requests. For some reason, folks come out of the woodwork with them when they learn someone has received/gotten money.

    You should continue to save the little stuff, and be proud of your accomplishments. You have worked hard and made sacrifices to obtain it. Let the big stuff grow, while you continue to enjoy the little stuff.

    I am sure your parents would want you to enjoy what they have left don't forget to go 'woo-hoo' every once in a while (It's ok, really!)

  2. retire@50 Says:

    I understand what you mean about the windfall. A few years ago my parents gave each of us kids $2500. I didn't need it and it made me feel really funny. It took me along time to do anything with the money. I eventually did invest it. I just felt like it wasn't my money and it didn't give me near as much pleasure as the money I saved from my earnings did.

  3. markio26 Says:

    i agree with all of the above posts.. my maternal grandparents died, and i received part of a mini farm, through my mom, then my mom died, so, i purchased the other 2 parts of the mini farm from my 2 uncles.. my paternal grandparents, 2 great aunts, and my dad died.. and i received a windfall of money and items, my executor brother selected for me..( i did not want anything to do with selecting items, other siblings, involved, not worth the tiff). i invested the money... the items are precious to me..( love letters of my parents, and 2 quilts my mom made, cedar closet that i had redone, belonged to my paternal grandma. i did not want anything, my parents did not owe me a thing.. i wish they could have spent the money, instead of me.. i will just hang onto it.. small victories are the most rewarding to me.

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    We've been right where you are/were. It's hard to wrap your feelings up - you're somewhat glad to get the money if it can be useful to your family, but sad that someone you dearly love had to go away. It's not as easy as some folks would think.

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