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Snoozy Wednesday

May 25th, 2006 at 04:28 am

Not a lot happened in the last two days. Bought a footlong sub, cut in four pieces and ate it over two days. The trainer commented on the high fat meats of the Italian sub, and I had issues with the second-day sogginess of the tuna sub. I tried the vegetable sub with cheese. That worked out fairly well.

I saved a few bucks at lunch yesterday and today because we had the coworker going away party at happy hour. The big issue for me was to keep it to one drink, one happy hour bite and go, which I managed to do. Service was pretty slow; I didn't wait for the bill, just put 10$ and went. Smile.

Took the brutal hill home Monday and today; yesterday I bought some canned goods on sale so lugging the 15 lb sack that 1/2 mile counted the same as the brutal hill.

I still have to do a little research for a $56 discrepancy with the landlord utilities payments. The check image I sent was accepted. Now I'll have to do a little more digging. I feel as if this is an old, recurring problem, like I'm going to break down and give them the money just to shut them up.

1 Responses to “Snoozy Wednesday”

  1. jorge Says:

    Hi baselle - this is my tasteful comment. Smile I'm trying to find a recipe for dinner at the moment from "Great Good Food" so this comment may taste a little like crab. (okay, bad joke). But seriously, I am really looking forward to all of the seafood that's supposed to be on the coast! Even though I'll be cooking some sort of landbeast this evening...
    I do want to let you know what other people have already told you - WAY TO GO!!! Losing inches is a wonderful thing and being healthy even more wonderful. You are definitely an inspiration and I hope that many others will heed your example. Besides, better muscle than fat and better muscle than to be one of those scrawny "super models." I've seen them in person and some have thighs smaller than my biceps. The other extreme of unhealthy! Take care. Jorge

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