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Has it been almost a week already?

June 3rd, 2006 at 04:53 am

I ordered a "new" PDA from I put new in quotes because it was listed as open box. Whether the previous owner just opened the box, breathed in it, then closed it again, or did something a bit more, is anyone's guess. The machine was wiped clean of data, came unblemished, it synced up, and its screen is in bright color...all for slightly over $100.

I went for broke and tried to load everything up from my old machine into my new one. Lost that bet - the screen froze up - so I wiped the new PDA clean again and loaded it up one program at a time. This weekend I redo a few months of my checkbook program. Not being able to figure out my accounts to the penny is making me feel naked. I really missed that.

We had dinner with some of DH's family, who noticed right away my changes. A bit of surprising news. DH's mom invited us to go to Paris, France. We thought it was for "next year" eg 2007...turns out that it's this fall, early October. Whee, but man now I've got to get that passport set up - as the French would say - tout suite.

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