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meetings and a talk

February 6th, 2007 at 04:44 am

Saving log - $3
Spending log - $1.40 coffee + $7 lunch

Had a nightmare that I remembered last night - I dreamed my purse got stolen, along with all my financial data. Time to put a password on my PDA. It's just so weird - usually I sleep like a rock.

Meeting meeting today, and then I gave a talk to the customer service staff on one of the "hats" that I wear on my job. It went okay, but time flew by without me getting much done.

In addition to the two meeting, I had a chiro adjustment. Chiropractor asked me if I was getting better from my cold ... I didn't know he knew I was sick for the day. I suspect that the trainer told him - I'm sure he doesn't know I blog. It gave me a little start - imagining I'm the subject of gossip. (Chiropractor is 1/2 block away from work, gym is 1/2 block away in the other direction. I have no excuse to miss appointments.) The insurance has kicked back in for the year, so now it is just the $20 copay.

About the only thing financial I've done is move more money from ING into T-bills. Right now I have about 10K in T-bills, and will stop when I get 16K in. The interest rate is slightly better, and I plan to use what I have in ING for the Paris trip. It sets a limit on what I can spend.

3 Responses to “meetings and a talk”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Oh la la, Paris! Maybe he could tell you had been sick, by the way he had to adjust you? Sometimes they can tell from swollen glands even!

  2. Frayed Buckeye Card Says:

    I prefer Tbills because there is no state or local tax on them, federal only. When I factor this in it makes the rate even better.The local tax in this community is high, I'd move but don't know where to go. I say "Hooray for Tbills".

  3. baselle Says:

    Wa state doesn't have a state income tax, so that's less of an issue. Smile I like 'em because they're "backed by the full faith of the US government". Now I'm not a slave to government, but I figure that they're even safer than they would be in my bank. (If the US government goes, your bank has already gone) And 4 sets of 4 week T-bills means they turn over once/week, perfect for an emergency fund.

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