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no spending please, I'm still sick

February 21st, 2007 at 03:32 am

Well this flu does put a crimp on spending. I've had two no spend days in a row because I've spent most hours asleep. Should also work well with the weight loss plan, too - with my appetite gone, I've eaten a small meal or two a day, and for the rest, its water, water, water.

It's hard to believe that pandemic flu would be even worse.. how could I possibly feel five times worse than I do now? But if it is, I have to think of this week as a dry run. When I get better, I'm going to move most of the bottled water inside. Its in the storage shed a couple of yards away but I don't feel up to getting it.

I'm also going to try out a couple of electrolyte recipes and see what they taste like. Mostly they call for sugar and salt and water. Simple enough, but its rough enough to cook when you're sick, then try following an unfamiliar recipe.

2 Responses to “no spending please, I'm still sick”

  1. ifeel100 Says:

    Get well soon...
    I remember those isotonic drinks wil help fight w/ flu & fever (beside jst drinks a plain water, haha)

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I mostly drink water myself, but if I am really bad off I tend to just go with Sprite or apple juice. I can't stand the electrolyte stuff myself. I am about up to 80% now after my bout with the flu and I still have very little appetite. I think I've lost 5 or 6 pounds in the last 12 days. And I've eaten nowhere near healthy during this time.

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