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Close to normal

February 25th, 2007 at 05:06 am

So close that I bought DHs Saturday breakfast to celebrate. The pinkeye disappeared and while the cough hasn't completely gone away, I'm not coughing every 30 seconds. Still have the earache at times. For awhile last week my head felt like the plane would never land. Big Grin

I didn't go into work on Friday, but I was out and about a bit more. Took care of some business at the gym - and I weighed in at 186. At -2 pounds the flu/pinkeye eating plan is a winner.

Finished with picking through my MP3s, then reloaded my player. There were enough dups, mediocre and ickily ripped MP3s that I managed to get 17 Gigs down to 12. Being sick made me ruthless.

I didn't spend much money but one thing financial hit this week - our yearly lease is up and rent is going up by $45/month. We'll have to decide whether that's acceptable or whether the rental market is soft enough and our ambition is high enough that we move. Its the first rent raise in 5 years. My first impression is that we stay. Ambition is in short supply lately.

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  1. boomeyers Says:

    If you are comfortable where you are, you may as well stay. That is only $540 per year and you could almost spend that much in deposit and moving fees!

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