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Turkey Salad recipe

November 25th, 2007 at 07:45 am

Turkey Salad

1 med onion, minced
2 stalks celery, finely chopped
1/2 cup craisins (sugared, dried cranberries), chopped
9 oz cold turkey, chopped
2 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp red sauce from mango pickle jar (optional)

Mix all ingredients together. Delicious on top of a toasted english muffin.

I love adding the red, salty sauce that the mango pickles come in - a little bit of heat and red color is nice in this.

5 Responses to “Turkey Salad recipe”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Interesting. From where do your mango pickles come (country)? Those I have seen are in a more or less clear liquid. Could you tell me the ingredients in the pickles?

  2. baselle Says:

    My jar of mango pickles is made by Ashoka, and the pickles are called Kerala Vedu Mango Pickle. They are made in India, and they appear to be imported by ADF Foods Limited, based in Gujarat India.

    Ingredients: Mango, Salt, Water, Sesame Oil, Chili Powder, Mustard Powder, Acetic Acid, Asafoetida, and Tumeric Powder.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Wow, that sounds so good. I'll have to try something like that one of these days.

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Asafoetida?! Do those pickles smell bad? As the name might lead you to beleive (FOETID) the plant normally smells really bad.

    Okay, the mango pickles I see in the store come from Indonesia, I think. Guess it is a different recipe. I didn't like the ones I had. The liquid in yours sounds similar to the liquid in the chili beans dish my Afghani friend brought me last night, except probably not so much salt and no acetic acid.

    Anyhow, I, too, sometimes find ways to use the liquids in store bought foods. I save dill pickle juice for making potato or egg salad, for example. Sometimes I will use it for the basis of pickling beets and eggs whole.

  5. baselle Says:

    The mango pickles and the sauce don't smell bad - but I've had the jar for awhile, long enough for a smell to go away. Big Grin Since I was only after the saltiness, a bit of spicy, and the color, I'm thinking that salt and a bit of paprika would do nicely.

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