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tax coda 2007

March 25th, 2008 at 04:11 am

Saving log - $4 tip box
Spending log - $1.19 coffee + $8 lunch

Delivered the CPA coupon that I got Friday night to DJ friend. If he uses it, he gets 20$ off and I get $20 back.

I sent my tax check out last week - the US cashed it Friday night. I just paid for about 1/1000 of a second of federal spending. Some people will wait until Apr 14 to pay, which is wise because they still get a little bit of interest, but I prefer to pay it and get on with the rest of my year. I just don't like playing chicken with my bills...guess wrong and you're late, or rather, these days you give the bank, credit card or business the ability to charge you the late fee.

Finished voting my proxy online; the next day all the paper materials showed up. Just as well, its a lot easier for me to calculate valuations from a paper annual report than it is online.

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  1. Sami Says:

    Up until the last 2 years, I always owed the State, $3 . . . yes, three dollars @@ However, I generally always have my taxes done/prepared by the end of February but guess when the State got their $3??? LOL, you guessed it, April 15th!

    Last year I became pro-active and decided to have $1/bi-weekly withheld from my paycheck. I'd rather get $20+ dollars back (yes I know it is MY money) than have to pay $3. :-)

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