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90 !

May 16th, 2008 at 05:57 am

Saving log - $7 tip box
Spending log - $8 lunch

Payday. Attended an allstaff meeting, so coffee and breakfast was on the company dime. All I bought was lunch today.

Last night I finished editing a call for sponsorships for DJ friend to attend a New York City function. (he's from NYC, and he'll be visiting that week anyway).

Its supposed to get into the 90s tomorrow and the next day in Seattle. Ughhh! Its only May. This is supposed to happen for a few weekends in July-August, when we retreat to our nearest cheap arthouse movie theater. It is a deal - $3 for air conditioning, lovely darkness and pretty pictures. More if you want snacks. Hopefully there will be a set of pretty pictures with an okay plot that I want to see. Oh, to trade my weather with boomeyers!

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  1. Petunia Says:

    I dunno. . . I kind of enjoy these hot days. I'm going to open all the windows in a few minutes to let the cool air in, then close them around 10 & shut the drapes to keep the cool air in. If it stays below 80 in the house we'll be able to sleep tonight.

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