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May 20th, 2008 at 12:12 am

Saving log - $4 tip box
Spending log - $1.25 coffee + $5 lunch

Been noticing that more and more businesses are promoting new and expanded hours. In good times, they seem to keep to a bit more restrictive hours (harder to keep the dependable retail employee, and the business still makes a profit even with tight hours). Even the expensive places are promoting the 11 am lunch, the ice cream shops are promoting hours until 6 pm.

The ATM at my brick and mortar bank was not working, so I went in to the teller. She asked whether I wanted something smaller than a 20, and we both laughed... If I could get a $40 ATM bill, that would be sweet. Well, bitter, but sweet.

Laptop is still out, so I'm blogging after work. DH promised to sent the laptop to the repair shop he goes to. Fingers crossed!

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