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June 20th, 2008 at 03:23 am

Saving log - $2 tip box
Spending log - $1.50 coffee + $10 supermarket lunch

Found out that the bus pass will cost us $4 more/month, for a total of $171/yr that we shelter pre-tax.

The really thrilling frugal news is that downtown Seattle actually has a supermarket at 3rd/Pike. They had their grand opening today.

You go in and immediately head down the escalator and into the produce section...

No screaming great deals but a few good ones - 10/$10 odwalla bars, .79/lb bananas, .97/lb asparagus (not fond, but you might like). No parking - its downtown. And it was a bit of a mad house so the checkout lines were crazy. Matter of fact, the person behind me in line had enough time to notice the sale prices on a couple of items were higher than the regular price. Ha ha, be careful, supermarket, most of your customers will be accountants!

I know it sounds like a shameless plug for spending money, but its really great - now I can do the Rick Steves frugal picnic trick for lunch, rather than hitting the restaurants all the time. Pioneer Square has a couple of places, but their only produce is an apple and a whole lot of distilled grape products, if you know what I mean. And its so nice to know that when you have 5 people bring chips to the workplace potluck, you've got options. The Pike Market (3 blocks away) is great for produce and great bread, but what about the salad dressing and the butter?

Anyhow - bought my lunch and apple at the downtown supermarket and got a free cloth bag (note what the bagger was holding in the last picture) to add to my bag-of-bags collection.

Also found 10 cents on the street today. Big Grin

9 Responses to “downtown supermarket”

  1. cptacek Says:

    What is the Rick Steves frugal picnic trick?

  2. baselle Says:

    In a number of Rick Steves' books on Europe, one of his frugal tricks is to picnic with bread, cheese, fruit, etc, in a park instead of buying a formal lunch at a restaurant.

  3. cindyg86 Says:

    I went to London over Spring Break and that's all we did! We would generally stop at a local grocery or a market and pick up a couple things that only cost a couple pounds at most.

  4. Koppur Says:

    Dimes are lucky; I'm telling you! Jingle jingle! Smile

  5. sagegirl Says:

    I try to catch Travels with Rick Steves on PBS when they show them. He has lots of good travel ideas.

  6. baselle Says:

    ...and some of them are great frugal ideas even if you aren't traveling!

    koppur - I only found the dime, where was the penny that's supposed to go with it? Big Grin

  7. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Recently I was in a QFC where Late July organic crackers, regularly priced at $3.79, were on sale at $10.99.
    Gotta love that wheelbarrow inflation projection.

  8. scfr Says:

    Wow ... That is huge news for downtown Seattle. I wonder if Ralph's will go out of business (if they are still around)?

  9. baselle Says:

    Scfr - Ralph's is still around, but it will no doubt be squeezed by this place to its south and Whole Paycheck on 9th/Westlake to its north. There's always the Cinerama crowd, though. Big Grin

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