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drop some more, please

June 28th, 2008 at 04:11 am

Saving log - $3 tip box
Spending log - $10 lunch + $7 groceries

The meeting on my calendar was spurious - months ago, I registered for it but not in time. I was not too disappointed, I had plenty to do. Picked up a bento box and a 24 oz iced green tea at Uwajimaya. Drinking the 24 oz can behind my desk made me look like I was kicking back with a malt liquor somehow.

Well, it was a quiet Friday afternoon.

Took a look at my DRP stocks. One, MMM, is now at its lowest point since I bought a whomping amount (okay $2K) nearly two years ago. Too delicious for me to resist. Tonight I wrote a check for another whomping amount (another $2K) to buy some more MMM. I'll put it in the mail tomorrow. It will take about three weeks for the check to get there, opened, check cashed (if its cashed by Tuesday the shares will be bought on that Friday), and the shares to be bought (every Friday).

So here's for a very strange hope: go down baby, go down!

2 Responses to “drop some more, please”

  1. Mel Says:

    I am clueless -- can you tell me how I can buy MMM? I need contact info and a way to look at this DRP's progress? THANKS

  2. baselle Says:

    Mel -
    MMM's transfer agent (the entity that performs like a bank - you send $ to them and they buy the stock and track your accounts, you don't send to the company itself) is Wells Fargo. Here is a link
    Text is and Link is
    They also provide for a way to look at your transaction history, etc. I follow along using an Excel spreadsheet template that I pulled from a DRP site.

    The hardest part about starting a DRP is getting the first share and setting the account up with the transfer agent. You might be able to do it through the transfer agent. I started mine through Direct Investing:

    Text is and Link is
    Good luck - DRP investing takes awhile to set up. Its cheap but you pay for it in terms of time. You won't be able to buy stock immediately, like you can at a brokerage, etc. Its rewarding, but different, and requires a different strategy and mindset.

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