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July 19th, 2008 at 03:49 am

Saving log - $3 tip box
Spending log - $1.70 coffee + $5 lunch

Had $10 in my pocket today to finish the week. My cheap curry place kept my cheap week on track. I began the new tip box cycle by adding $3.

I managed to spend only 40$ this week, including lunch with friends and few groceries. It required buying a foot-long sub and eating it over two days, hitting the free lunch going away party, and hitting the cheap curry place.

I haven't been to the cheap curry place in several months - miracle of miracles, its still running its any-vegetarian curry and a drink for $3.99 + tax (and I tip decently). Its line, as usual, was huge. Next door, the $5 sub place: crickets.

2 Responses to “cheap week”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! That is a great deal for lunch!
    I have'nt hit the sub shop in a long time myself, even at $5.00!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is a great deal! And vegetarian to boot. Smile

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