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July 30th, 2008 at 02:54 am

Saving log - $2 tip box
Spending log - $1.86 coffee (1 more!) + $12 lunch + $1 apple

My trainer is leaving the gym to start her own training business. Quite a shocker on the friendship basis, but my credit card is cheering. I feel a little guilty about that.

I've learned a lot from her. I've worked with all but a couple of pieces of equipment, learned a lot of exercises and calisthentics, the form I should have, the muscles I should work, how to put together a workout routine, and she would write out the workout routines as do them. I've saved them all.

Her official last day will occur when I'm gone on vacation, but since we have three sessions to burn off, she's going to come back in to the gym for those. Yet another reason not to burn a bridge on your old job - you never know when you need the infrastructure. Smile

I'm going to aim working out at the gym on my own for a few months, use the workouts as written and get a routine - weigh myself weekly. My clothes give me a decent reading - about as good as a tape measure.

My fear is that routines will become too routine and that I'm more likely to blow them off because I will only have the feel better aspect, not the feel better plus holy crap I'm throwing away money if I blow this off - especially when my schedule gets crazy. We'll see.

I am getting better though. I enjoy my cheap long walks and enjoy the fact that a few people have told me that six miles is long ... it really isn't. I still have the goal to begin to jog them. I'm starting to run for buses...and catch them.

Good luck to you, trainer. Birdie's out of the nest.

6 Responses to “li'l shocker”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    Well good luck. I have had the same problem. When I go to spinning classes, its like an appointment. And I'm afraid to disapoint my instructor (as if she cares, but I pretend she does). When left on my own...I gradually lose steam till I all but quit. Then I feel like there is no point going back because all hope is lost :P

  2. greengirl Says:

    i could never bring myself to pay money for exercise, even though i think about joining a gym all the time. i've bought an exercise bike and am thinking of getting either a punching bag or some kind of weights bench, both of which BF will contribute to as well. i like to walk like you do, i've never measured my walk though i guess it might be a couple of k's or so. i have begun to jog them here and there when i feel like it's getting too easy but unfortunately i can't do it as much as i like cause i have shin splints Frown
    it's nice of your trainer to come back for your sessions though!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Run for buses and catch them!! Smile You rock!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:


    I'm in somewhat of a similar position. I only have 4 sessions left with my trainer, and then it's over. He'll still be around for me to ask a quick question of if I really need to, but it won't be the same. I also worry that I might slack off without having the added incentive of wanting to keep an appointment - i.e. not wanting to dissapoint him.

    It's good that you have the various workout routines written down - that will help you be able to switch them out when you get bored with them. You can also check out msn health for more routines, or of course my favorite website, sparkpeople. Smile

  5. aevans1206 Says:

    Baselle, before your trainer leaves, ask if she has any literature on other exercises you can do. OR ask her to help you develop a variety of routines so you can vary them yourself. I know how you feel. Doing the same exercises all of the time is blah blah blah.

    Also, if you happen to have cable, FitTV has a show called Total Body Workout with Gilad. I enjoy it because it gives you a variety of exercises while still working out your entire body.

    This said for a woman who hasn't worked out in two weeks. Sigh.

  6. baselle Says:

    Guys - Thank you all. I'm routine rich. I'll ask about the workout construction - I know we concentrate on upper body one day, lower body the next, along with cardio, and some balance, and if you can two exercises at once (squats plus shoulder military press w/weights), you can be extra efficient! Its more a case of keeping up gym going w/o the personal incentives. Double embarrassing not going when the gym is across from work; I'll see if I can get a co worker to be a gym buddy.

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