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August 23rd, 2008 at 04:34 am

Saving log - $19 tip box
Spending log - (Thursday) $5 groceries + (Friday) $0

I strolled to the downtown WaMu to deposit my tip box this month ($49, a long way from FDIC limits), when I came upon this pair on the sidewalk.

Horse and rider followed me when I heard a "Harvey! Its you!" from the florist across the street.

I work in the basement floor; my office ceiling is directly under the 2nd Ave sidewalk, rather than directly under other offices (weird I know). Every couple of days during the afternoon I hear a "clop clop clop clop" right above me.

I'd like to think its Harvey.

Fiscally, my financial stock Drp is going to maintain its dividend, at least for this quarter. I'm putting $49 into savings from the tip box this month, and I've had a very low spend day and a no spend day right after each other.

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