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September 28th, 2008 at 03:31 am

Sister mailed me another box of vegetables of various sorts. Mostly root vegetables, but a few ears of corn, husk still on. I'll have to mention that while the corn looked fine, a day or two in dark in the mail turned lovely sweet corn into bits of starch.

Made a ratatouille out of what I got. I only got a little Japanese eggplant, so its less rat and more vegetable stew. I only had to buy a large yellow onion to start things off, which I got for $1/lb.

DH sometimes reads my blog so I really shouldn't write that there was kohlrabi, turnip, beet, that little eggplant ... all the veg that he hates, but what the hey it cleared out my countertops wonderfully.

I also sacrificed our large chard for the stew. I was sad to see it go, so here's a picture in memoriam.

And yes, I got my new camera 2 days ago. I wanted to post a topical picture yesterday - 2 honesty boxes each with the WaMu dead headline - but the picture was too large for the blog. I dropped the megapixel setting. We'll see how well that works.

A couple of economic items at work, overshadowed by the WaMu collapse:

1. A

Text is largish law firm and Link is
largish law firm is going under; we won't get pledge payments from them from now on. I worked with their payroll officer and sent my condolences.
2. Our non-profit moved in 2003. We use a bond to pay for the commercial mortgage. Apparently the interest rate our non-profit pays has gone from a pittance (0.1%) to not a pittance (+6%). A case where we see the strains.

4 Responses to “vegetable gifts”

  1. homebody Says:

    Your sister mails you vegetables. How interesting. Doesn't it cost as much to mail as to buy the veges?

  2. baselle Says:

    Oh, this isn't my idea. Sister has been growing them at the farmette, and with a Priority Mail flat rate box she can stuff the box for $9.80. The box is easily 10 lbs, $1/lb. I'm getting things like purple potatoes and golden beets, each of which are going for way more than $1/lb in Seattle. Not totally a bust, just weird. Smile

  3. homebody Says:

    Okay weird, that was the word I was looking for, ha ha. Well I guess a $1.00 a pound for whatever is not that bad. And besides she's paying for it right?

  4. my english castle Says:

    I love chard! It's gorgeous!

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