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December 24th, 2008 at 02:32 am

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Spending log - $32 kitten chow + $35 groceries

Freakin' icy again today, so I burned another PTO day at work. Our work hours have been around 11-3, the car deals with snow better than ice and slush, and then there is the 2-3 hr evening commute. I did the critical time tasks yesterday, I had the PTO time, and tomorrow's Christmas Eve.

But DH and I were productive: Morgan went to the neighborhood vet. She's a girl, no chip, 6-7 months old (the vet showed us her baby molars), no scar or tattoo indicating she was spayed, no feline leukemia, and at 5 pounds with a little fat on the lower underside, she was just a teeny bit overfed. Not obese, just back off the food a bit and don't worry about the shortchanging the kitten development. The vet opined that no kitty just eats what s/he needs then stops with an eternal buffet in the food bowl. He suggested a decent premium brand kitten food, but only 2 feedings at 1/8 c each. In other words, 2 tablespoons. The big bag of dry kitten/cat food is going to last awhile.

"She's a blank slate," the vet said.

Today Morgan got her battery of shots: rabies, distemper, leukemia. DH bought the shots, I'll buy the spaying and chipping...which we'll do in January.

5 Responses to “its a girl”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Yay for the clean bill of health for Morgan! Good luck on cutting back on her food. LOL

  2. MICLASON Says:

    Yay, Morgan!!!
    If she's anything like my Toņo, she'll demand more food... try not to give in (we tried this, but Toņo raids Fiona's bowl!!)

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Congrats on your new bundle of fur! Can't wait to see more pics! We leave out the "buffet" of a bowl of hard food for our kitty. She seems to do okay, not too fat, not too skinny.

  4. baselle Says:

    Yep, we will see. We do have a couple of advantages:
    1.) Morgan is by herself so no raiding of the second bowl.
    2.) No outdoors until she is spayed, so no neighbor raiding. Augie was infamous for hitting up the neighbors for food.
    3.) "Mom" is doing portion control herself.
    4.) Made a little goal of playing with her a lot daily, so eating is hopefully an activity and not the high point of the day. I got a good hour of play with her of feather duster and scary hand tonight.

    But we will have to be scrupulous about removing dirty dishes from the living room and not totally pigging out in front of her.

  5. friend Says:

    Indoor kitties live longer and save u grief.

    pls rethink letting her roam.

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