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credit checks for everyone

April 9th, 2010 at 04:10 am

Saving log - $0
Spending log - $1.75 coffee
Found money - $0.06 (sidewalks, road)

Saving log - $0
Spending log - $1.75 coffee + $1 matches
Found money - $0.21 (sidewalk, bus stop, Safeway floor)

Saving log - $0
Spending log - $1.75 coffee + $15 groceries
Found money - $0.13 (coffee shop floor, sidewalks)

$32.84: 814 pennies, 31 nickels, 135 dimes, 30 quarters, 2 $1 bills, (1) 10 pence coin worth 15 cents.

Attended an in-house supervisor's training, mostly to review new HR policies. One problem with working for one company for 10 years is that, really, you get the policy manual straight away, read it for a little bit your first week, then put it away. Time to think about printing out a fresh copy every five years or so.

Anyway, one of the big changes in hiring was that the new staff will undergo a credit check from HR. Mostly for accounting and operations, they figure the sales team, not so much. A bit of a chuckle here, the fundraising staff (the non-profit version of sales)...well, they fundraise. They might not handle money super routinely, but they certainly have been known to bring big checks to the office.

And HR is looking for 'below standard' credit histories. Whatever that means. They weren't particularly clear about what they are looking for - and I think they are they are trying to figure it out themselves.

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