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red four update

August 6th, 2010 at 03:51 am

You might remember our

Text is beef cow and Link is
beef cow, a red angus sporting a four ear tag. In an odd way, thank you for those red x's.

She had turned into a carcass last week, weighed in at 625 lb and is now hanging and resting. The rancher is now asking us for how we want it cut. Dressed weight is about 80% of carcass... all told, I'm expecting about 62 lbs to hit the freezer.

Lifehacker had an article about whole animal buying. The comments were a buy a whole animal with several people. No one's expecting you to eat it by yourself. Smile Anyway, there was a fantastic link to an Iowa State extension
Text is buying guide and Link is
buying guide. (Warning, its a .pdf.) Useful for any meat eater.

2 Responses to “red four update”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    What a great way to buy beef! Certainly much better than just buying the end product "sight unseen" in some local grocery store, not knowing where it came from, in what condition, and how it wound up here.

  2. Miclason Says:

    er.... I am an avid meat eater, but I canīt eat anything I've "met" before! (LOL! used to bring in the chickens and hens while we were at school, by the time we arrived in the afternoon, they were already "food")

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