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dirty money analysis, part 4

August 11th, 2010 at 05:44 am

For part 3, analysis of change found in inside places,

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For part 2, the when I found change,
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For part 1, my luck in finding change for the year,
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I found 25% of my change inside places, which that I found 75% or $37.28 out in the wide open (as wide open as Seattle can be) space places like the sidewalk, the road, the bus stop.

In most cases, Ive found small amounts money in very disparate places, so Ill have to give a high end overview.

The neighborhoods that I found the most change were the ones where I spent the most amount of time. Not a surprise how could one find something when one wasnt there? Neighborhoods broke out thusly: Greenwood (where I live) $13.41, or 36.0%; downtown (where I work) $8.96, or 24.0%; bus stops (how I commute) $4.48, or 12.0%; Crown Hill (next to where I live) $3.48, or 9.1%; Fremont, Queen Anne, and the U District between $1.51 2.50, or 4-6%, Safeway, which was a prime place to find change indoors, was also a reasonable place outside $0.84 , or 2.3%. Other places I found change in the $0.70 and under or 2.0-0.1% range.

Now in the general area I get down into specifics. I found the most on the sidewalk $11.51, or 30.9%; road $7.46, or 20.0%; planting strip (grass, dirt, tree, etc) $3.34, or 9.0%; parking meter $2.13, or 5.7%; the number 5 bus stop(s) $1.98, or 5.1%; on corners of sidewalk $1.76, or 4.7%; in the crosswalk $1.06, or 2.8%; in the gutter $0.88, or 2.4%.

I found a lot of change in odd places that I would have to consider miscellaneous - $1.79, or 4.8%. Places like bike hitches, fountain edges (pulling money from a fountain is tacky), stairs, between cobbles, ATMs, payphones, telephone pole, manhole cover, grates, banisters.

In other words, if finding change is like fishing, the money is likely to lurk anywhere at your feet.

2 Responses to “dirty money analysis, part 4”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Interesting breakdown! I think that just being cognizant of your surroundings and expecting to find money leads the eyes in that direction, you know? There's no insurance you will find cash anywhere, but there are probably more likely areas.

  2. SavingBucks Says:

    I find a lot of outside change near condos/townhouses in my area. As far as inside change goes, my best haul about 5 years ago was a $20 bill inside a local market. But I find lots of inside change adjacent to the cash registers at CVS (at one's feet) - I also noted that the poorer areas had more dropped change than more affluent areas. Go figure.

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