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spendy right now but crafts will distract me

August 18th, 2010 at 03:46 am

Well, I'm on vacay, trying to get the PTO levels down, but again it will be a staycay (don't bother, thief). Lately its been very pricey for us too with the $318 for the beef and car repairs totaling $600. And then vacay is a bit spendy even as a staycay - if I'm at work, reading emails, bringing my lunch, doing stuff at my desk - I'm not spending money. None of this I'll buy coffee here, buy lunch here, need admission here. Trainer is away getting married (she already is, this one's for the parents), so that will be a bit less spendy.

But with vacay I'll have time to finish up two craft projects. They are two radically different ones.

1. Sister's birthday is coming up. I've made the three books in the bookbinding kit. They turned out well, so I think I will convert one into a farmette picture book printing some photos I took from there.

2. Making a playlist for beef fest. I already have the music, I even have it at the playlist stage. Now, being the ultimate control freak, I want to figure out a way to link the song files together so they will play in exactly the order I want them to. Both winamp and windows media will skip around after awhile.

2 Responses to “spendy right now but crafts will distract me”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    Lol - what is beefest, exactly? Glad you're taking some time off. And you're totally right, even with a staycation, I tend to spend more than if I was working. Enjoy your time off

  2. baselle Says:

    Last year, after the rancher came and delivered the beef, we parsed it out amongst ourselves by weight. Then all the parties involved made a beef dish with a cut of what we got and, along with friends, we potlucked. We christened the potluck
    Text is beef-fest and Link is

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