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little low these days

October 8th, 2010 at 05:06 am

Feeling the frugal burn. I'm a little low this month and I only want to withdraw $100 from savings until the next paycheck. Been good for most of the week and dropped back down to 169.

I've been getting checks from the flu study. I only have about 3 more blood draws and I'm done, done, done. This last week's blood draw was interesting - my undependable veins have re-made an appearance (tried tapping but no blood), so they finally had to draw from my hand. They warned me that it would hurt, and it did a little, but I had a big vein in the hand and a straight shot so it was less painful than them digging around on either arm.

DH is going back to his second stint with the IRS. He starts training next week, but doesn't get his commuter pass until he starts for real. Means that the bus tickets I also get from the study will come in handy.

The big news is that sister agreed to go with me on the Vietnam tour trip and I put a deposit on it. This will not be a super frugal trip (about $7000) by any means but it looks action packed! I have to let myself spend a little bit for some real fun, but its funny, I've now gotten used to a large amount of savings and I feel wounded if it drops.

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  1. gambler2075 Says:

    Wow, I gotta say that is a pretty expensive trip... how long? I highly recommend taking a bike tour if you can swing it... I spent 3 days biking through various villages with an english speaking guide, hotel included and it was only 300$. Prices may have gone up recently but it was totally worth it.


  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm sorry you're feeling down. Spending a little money on yourself is allowed. Smile (Even if it is an expensive trip -- sounds like it'd be worth it, and you don't spend a lot on a normal basis ...)

  3. baselle Says:

    Thanks gambler, but its one of those 2 wk alumni tours where you are in a high-end self contained bubble Smile. Since this is my first jaunt into Asia, I figured I'd go very pricey but very safe. I'l definitely check out that bike tour for my second trip!

    Laura - On my second reading this post did sound a little down, but the down is only for the immediate savings and my blood level. Smile I'm less emotionally down than the tone of the post implied.

    But I do have to take my own advice. I remember writing comments on several other blogs advising, "take the trip!" Be moderate in all things, including frugality.

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Sounds like a great vacation in store for you and your sis. Enjoying what you work so hard for makes it worth the frugal choices. Glad you are doing something for YOU!!!

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