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pulled the trigger

December 9th, 2011 at 05:03 am

I've just started a Drp - Target, aka Tarzhay, stock ticker TGT.I had an interest, and since I have two other stocks with the same transfer agent, it was now a cinch to start it up directly from the transfer agent. Much, much easier and cheaper than using Temper of the Times. The only thing about this Drp is the $5 fee - I'll have save up and put in $500/ a pop to keep the fee at 1%. That's the thing that gets me with Sharebuilder - $4/trade seems like a good deal, but not if you are trading a few shares.

Made a wild Christmas candy bark recipe - base of chocolate, layer of crispy bits of bacon, chopped nuts (the original recipe called for peanuts, but I substituted walnuts and pecans), topped with caramel and on top of that, a little bit of salt. Tasty, but if you have bridge work, dangerous.

We are going with some friends to Korean barbeque and to them, for the Christmas season, goes the candy bark.

3 Responses to “pulled the trigger”

  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    ooh I like the "store ramp-up in Canada." Mind you I was bummed when Walmart opened in North Vancouver because its executives figured that whatever sold in Jonesboro, AR or WV would sell in North Vancouver, BC. They were wrong.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    I am a happy TGT shareholder myself. Bacon? I think I'd like it.

  3. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Hi! I'm so glad you're still blogging here. Smile How are you doing?


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