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BECU ATM going away

March 4th, 2012 at 02:58 am

You might remember that I jumped ship from Chase to the credit union because the credit union had a banking node and 2 ATMs in my neighborhood grocery store. Banking node and 1 ATM left in early December for Northgate. As I got money at the ATM left over, I read the sticker. The ATM left over will go away on the 22nd.

Bummer. I can still get money at the point of sale at the grocery store, and I can deposit money at the branch downtown. Or I can displace - I can count the money in the tip box, and transfer that to savings, and spend the original.

Still - the ever shifting sands that is banking and credit union-ing is getting to me. You have branches that go away, and you have mergers between a bank you like (ING) and a bank you don't (Cap One), so suddenly you have savings in a place you hate.

No wonder people spend - the more you have saved, the more the money moves beyond your control irk you.

2 Responses to “BECU ATM going away”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    I'm transitioning from BOA to my new credit union now and it's a SLOW process. So many auto-payments and auto-deposits set up, and I'm tackling them slowly to make sure nothing gets missed. It'll probably take months!

    My credit union is based in DC, but they're part of a network of ATMs that I can use without charge. One is in the 7-11 right in town. If that one goes away, it would be a bit more inconvenient, for sure...

  2. BECU Says:

    Hello...Your post was brought to my attention at BECU and I thought I would drop you a quick response explaining the decision to relocate the Greenwood location. Unfortunately the in-store location was not providing sufficient space to serve our growing membership with the privacy and detail our members expect. We researched several new locations taking in consideration our members' usage, and we determined that Northgate would be an ideal location. In addition to the Northgate location, we encourage our members to utilize the CO-OP Network ATMs, which is surcharge-free for BECU members, and to utilize partner credit union locations through the Shared Branching Network. To find a CO-OP ATM or partner credit union location closer to you, visit our locations page at We really appreciate when this kind of feedback is brought to our attention and I hope this response helps!

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