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middle of staycation

July 19th, 2012 at 01:55 am

Still no call from the court, so I have to assume that the jury I was an alternate for is still deliberating. I'll see if there is a way to search cases online. I was a little disappointed not being able to deliberate last week. I'm sure the jury that remains probably envies me.

Right now I'm relaxing at home, but I do have some goals for the day this week. Goal #1 is to catch up on my house cleaning - which I am doing 30 min or so at a time by using mini-projects. For instance, I scrubbed out the tub out yesterday afternoon. Ah, heaven! Goal #2, unfortunately is work related - performance evaluations. One more section for me to write on my own eval, and I scheduled the meeting for my direct report who went on family leave.

Goal #3 is to finish my commission. So far, everything is glued - I stick the mosaic onto a board using thinset, then grout. Grout cures for a week and voila. But so far, it looks good... Paulette, the finished piece will appear near you!

Sunday I hit the mother lode. I was at a yard sale, looking, and I talked with the owner who told me that she had a lot of stuff due to "projects". Smile I mentioned my mosaics. Turns out that she used to do stained glass and asked me if I could use stained glass. Could I! Big Grin. I bought what I think was about 10 lbs of glass for $5, it was a nice variety too. You can see the stained glass above and below the numbers.

Other things - I finished by change finding for the third year in a row (yes, oddball me I started in mid-july). $90.35. Thank you loose change losers. And yesterday, I found my 6th silver dime for my precious metal portfolio.

No interesting deaths that I know about - nobody had Andy Griffin, or Kitty Wells. 4 people in our group have Bashir al-Assad.

4 Responses to “middle of staycation”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good job on the money finding Smile

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Thought I had Celeste Holm, but I checked and no dice. She must have been one that I was considering!

  3. PauletteGoddard Says:

    I have Celeste Holm on the alt.obituaries deadpool.

    Hey, I went to Cafe Racer on Thursday and had a breve! The cook is back, but his ears are still ringing. The cafe looks nice, walls are bare, Cafe Racer logo on floor now, but not alienatingly swanky.

  4. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Re: mosaic-tile street number commission
    Ooh thanks for the two-letter directional hint! I hope it is within 15 blocks of me either east or west so I can see it "in action".

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